We, here at Bearden First Assembly, are a church built on a powerful three-fold mission of faith, family, and compassion.


Faith launches us in everything we do; faith in God, faith in his Word, and faith in one another. We desire to do everything as a family. We worship together, grow together, laugh together, and minister together – we do not do life alone. We have compassion upon each other, our community, and our world. With faith as a compassionate family of believers, we give, go, and serve.


In July of 1921, during an old-fashioned brush arbor meeting, a Pentecostal revival uncured and our Spirit-filled church was born. This church has a rich heritage built on the people seeking nothing but more of God in their lives, homes, and community. 


Our founding pastor, Rev. Zack Launius, ushered in a culture of revival. The community had a brand new passion for the things of God thanks to the presentation of full gospel preaching, paired with heartfelt worship and powerful altar services. People in the community of Bearden put their faith into action and generously gave donations of time, talents, and funds to facilitate that culture.


In 2006, God gave the pastor, Rev. Wayne McGuire, a dream of a space where the entire community could come together and do life together. The church family facilitated that dream, and the Bass Family Life Center was born to realize and host events and be a haven for fellowship.


What is the bottom line? Bearden First Assembly has a rich heritage, no doubt, but our trajectory is just as exciting. It is our firm belief that we are just beginning of what God has for us. As we move forward in faith as a family living with compassion, we think you belong here as part of the family.


You may be wondering where your place is at Bearden First, and we think it is right beside us. Whatever your walk with Jesus looks like today, we want you to join us just as you are as we discover Jesus together.


If you would like to plan a visit today, find out what we believe, or just make a connection with our family we cannot wait to hear from you.